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Indus Printing Company is an offset printing services provider in Lahore, Pakistan, offering great diversity of printing products. Indus Printing Company is an active printing organization with a reputation for producing premium quality printing services on time and that too at competitive rates.


What is Offset Printing?


Offset printing, also recognized as lithographic printing, was first invented in 20th century and is currently widely used printing method. The offset technology uses printing inks, and aluminium plates to relocate the image onto a rubber coverlet that rolls onto the printing board or paper, consequently offsetting the image. This type of services is best when larger quantities are required, or when specific colours and shades need to be reproduced.

Indus Offset Printing

Indus Printing Company uses offset printing, when producing brochures, stationery, magazines, leaflets, direct mail, catalogues, journals, directories, and creative packaging. It helps us to use different types of paper stocks to meet our customer’s requirements and the proposed use of the printed material. We also apply anti-scuff lacquer and shiny finish to add even better quality to your print collaterals.


What Sets Us Apart?

Indus Offset Printing

Our offset printing operation is of international standards. This indicates that we use colours exactly as per your print’s layout that you provided to us. Our offset printing method allows us for the quality of the printed material to be monitored and adjusted constantly just to make sure that your required print has no flaws.

Indus Offset Printing Services in Lahore

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